Theater mates

Do you want to visit a performance at 't Schouw, but are you dreading it because you have to go alone and would rather experience the performance with someone else, laugh together and chat together?  Then know that you are not alone!

We regularly receive requests from people who are also looking for a buddy to visit a theater performance together. 

Of course we can offer others – and possibly also you – a helping hand. If you send an email to with the subject Theater buddies, we will contact you to see if we can find a theater buddy for you.

It goes without saying that we will handle your request with the utmost care and that everything will be done in consultation with you.

We as the 't Schouw foundation would like to encourage theater visits and that is why the first 't Schouw performance that you visit with a theater buddy is at our expense. Give yourself that pleasure, take that first step, and send us that theater buddy email.