Ticket sales

Our ticket sales are based on online sales via the website. A one-time registration is required for the first order.
Once your order has been placed and paid, you will receive a download link to a PDF file with the tickets by email.

Various options are available

  • You buy your tickets in advance. You then pay the presale price and pay via iDEAL, bank transfer or payment link.
  • If you pay via bank transfer or payment link, €3.50 transaction costs will be charged per order.
    Presale stops at the end of the day before the performance.
  • If you cannot order via the internet, you can do this by telephone on +31(0)497712090.
    You can speak to the voicemail here and our volunteers will call you back as soon as possible.
    With telephone orders you pay via bank transfer or payment link and €3.50 transaction costs will be charged.
  • If you choose a bank transfer or payment link and payment has not been received on the day of the performance or within 3 days of placing the order, your reservation will be cancelled.
  • Box office sales: See below

Box office sales

There is a 't Schouw box office at the performance venue half an hour before the start of the performance.
If the performance is not sold out, you can still buy tickets at the box office. These tickets are €2.00 more expensive than the presale price.
You can also pick up tickets there, among other things.


More information about bundles and passe-partout can be found below.


You get reduced prices if you:

  • buy a passe-partout. This costs €263.50 (season 2024-2025) for the 17 performances selected by us.
    This means all performances with the exception of percussion group Concordia, Roodkapje and Nochem and van Oers.
  • buy a bundle. This is a series of unique performances that you choose yourself.
    The discount is structured as follows:
    • 0 to 3 performances: no discount
    • 4 to 6 performances: 5% discount on all selected performances in the bundle.
    • 7 to 9 performances: 10% discount on all selected performances in the bundle.
    • 10 to 12 performances: 15% discount on all selected performances in the bundle.
    • 13 or more performances: 20% discount on all selected performances in the bundle.
  • are a student
    • Secondary school pupils and students receive a 25% discount when visiting a performance.
      The tickets are ordered online (choose student rate).
      The tickets will then not be sent, but can be picked up at the box office before the start of the performance upon presentation of the school/student card. All tickets in an order with this discount must be collected at the cash register, even those without a discount!
  • You can only order bundles and passe-partout until September 1!
  • If a performance is sold out, you can no longer order a passe-partout.


  • The Ticketmatic app
    • You can also receive and show our tickets (also offline) in the Ticketmatic app.
      Then you don't have to download them! (It may take up to 24 hours for the tickets to appear in the app)
    • Many theaters in the region also use this app.
      If you use the same email address at other theaters, you can collect all those tickets in one app.
  • Your place in the venue (row and seat number)
    • For most performances we work with fixed seats. Your place will be mentioned on your ticket.
    • When ordering tickets, the system offers the best available seats. If you want, you can change it to another location, if still available.
    • If the performance is played in MFA De Kei and the row number is greater than 100, this is a seat on the balcony
  • Information on the card
    • The ticket contains the name of the performance, the venue, performance date and start time, your details, your row and seat number and a barcode that our employees can scan.
  • Card check upon entry
    • Upon entry you can show your tickets on your smartphone or your printed tickets.
      It is also possible to receive and show the entrance tickets via 'my tickets' in the Ticketmatic app.
  • NO returns of ordered tickets
    • Ordered tickets cannot be returned and cannot be exchanged.
      This also applies to bundles and passe-partout!
  • Sold out performances
    • If performances are sold out you can be placed on a waiting list.
      If places become available, we will contact you (in order of entry). This can even be on the day of the performance.
  • We would like to receive other questions about the performances, reservations, tickets, delivery, etc. at: reserveringen@tschouw.nl


Gift vouchers can be purchased online here in amounts from €10.00 to €100.00
Each gift voucher has a unique discount code linked to it that you can use when placing an order with us.
Our gift voucher comes in a beautiful layout and is therefore fun to give and fun to receive.
(Print on A4 and fold twice lengthwise.)

Unfortunately we cannot accept other gift vouchers!